It is a multiplatform Talent show that will feed back on social networks and promote dance in all areas. Every week the presenters of the show share four choreographies on the website of the program and on the main social networks, and challenge the audience to imitate them, and upload their videos to network. Three “choirs” correspond to the three categories of participation: Men, women and couples. The fourth will be danced only by the participants who reach the final. All the choreographies will have an estimated duration of 35 seconds. The 3 winners of the previous stage will face dancing a new theme and can earn 50,000 pesos. This time they will have
the support of professional coaches and dancers to achieve a great performance in front of the juries.
Each jury will vote individually and will have 25,000 pesos to award to the contestants. If the two juries agree, the winner will take 50,000 pesos, but may not match and distribute the
prize between two participants. You can also decide that none of the finalists deserve the prize and donate the prize to a charity.