TV Azteca


The new show of the Night with Celebrity interviews and a Giant Roulette of wisdom as protagonist. Each night, the driver introduces 3 celebrities, who are joined by a common theme. We will listen to their stories, anecdotes and secrets in an atmosphere of intimacy on set. Guests can enjoy the Giant Roulette of Wisdom, but only as spectators.

6 participants, selected by the production, will risk their luck in the Roulette for the term of a week. Each participant will have 6 consecutive numbers of roulette to compete. The 6 participants will have to wait until the ball falls into one of their numbers in order to answer a multiple choice question with 12 options.

Every correct answer, allow you to accumulate $ 12,000. If the participant does not know the answer, he can reduce from 12 to 6 the options by choosing the COLOR OPTION. But it will also divide by 2 the amount of money from the well. If you still do not get the correct answer, you can request the OPTION PAR / IMPAR in order to reduce the posible answers from 6 to 3. The amount of the question will be reduced again by half.