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Culture Code

A culture is a survival kit that is inherited at birth and allows us to live in a specific time and space. Code of culture is a series that delves into the deepest mysteries of each culture and its role in the world through the vision of Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, an enigmatic anthropologist who has dedicated his life to a decoding of the social phenomena of the world for the most important companies (NASA, P & G, LOUIS VUITTON, LG, NESTLÉ, CARTIER, JEEP, BOEING). Dr. Rapaille is a contemporary marketing icon and author of several bestsellers around the world.

A provocative series that explains who we are and what we do, that we, those that are published, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, stereotypes, those that move to a culture to achieve anything. Purpose of each culture and its effects are its darkest and most negative elements. All this defines the cultural code and Dr. Rapaille’s journey, which aims to discover and answer these questions.

Sustained in the scientific fact that the human being has three brains (cortex, limbic and reptilian), Dr. Rapaille demonstrates that each of these brains is the form of the different forms in each culture and builds the rituals so that the reality of the rational, emotional and instinctive way.

Each chapter of the Culture Code delves into a culture in a specific place to know what is unique and different from the other United States, France, China, Mexico, Great Britain, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Korea, Brazil, India, Dubai and Germany. The purpose of the Culture Code is to show the world that we can learn to “speak cultures”.