TV Azteca

Dos Lagos

Director: Conrado Martínez García
Executive producer: Benjamin Salinas Sada & Roberto González Pesqueira
Production company: TV Azteca & 20th Century Fox
Year: 2016
Format: HD
Genre: Drama - Terror
No. chapters: 12
Chapter runtime: 60 minutes
Based on: Miniserie “Lightfields”
An adapation of: David Shuler based on Diox

Cecilia Piñeiro, Ernesto Alvarez, Citlalli Anaya, Natasha Esca, Matias Novoa, Karla Rico,Alejandra Redondo, Ariana Ron Perdique, Ramiro Tomassini, Carlos Torres Torrija, Fernando Becerril, Matias del Castillo, Gabriela Andrade, Fernando Sartafi, Leon Peraza

Two Lakes tells the story of three families inhabiting the same house on different times (1944, 1975 and 2015). Besides living in the same house, the families “share” a chilling problem: the spirit of a girl who died in a strange way in 1944 and won’t rest in peace until the mystery surrounding her death is solved by the inhabitants of the house at Dos Lagos.

In 1944, Eva arrives at Dos Lagos (Lightfields) with her little sister Viviana to help on the farm, owned by Alberto and Marta de la Garza. Soon a friend of Lucia, daughter of the one of the Garza, who later dies tragically in the suspicions of the circumstances that involve a soldier coming from the city, the maintenance of a secret relation with Lucia. The rest of this period shows Lucia’s family in mourning for her dead daughter, and Eva’s determination to find out what really happened to Lucia.

In 1975, Viviana, along with her daughter Clara, arrive in Two Lakes (Lightfields) during the summer to stay on the farm for six weeks, time that will help Viviana reevaluate her marriage away from her husband.
Shortly after their arrival, they realize that there is a paranormal presence on the property. Viviana begins to remember, through flashbacks, what happened there in 1944.

In 2015, Dos Lagos (Lightfields) is now a small, up and running boutique hotel, run by Lucia’s nephew, Bernardo and his wife Laura. When Lucia’s brother, Pedro, returns to Dos Lagos (Lightfields) to rest for health reasons, very strange things begin to happen.

He believes that they are being terrorized by the restless spirit of his deceased sister Lucia. As these apparitions continue, the former husband of Bernardo’s deceased daughter, Pablo, uses these facts to manipulate the situation and take custody of his son Leonardo, who lives with his grandparents in Dos Lagos since the death of his mother.