María Magdalena Dramatic Series

TV Azteca

Title: María Magdalena
Executive producer: Daniel Ucros
Directors: Felipe Cano and Rodrigo Lalinde
Production company: Dopamine & Sony Pictures Television
Year: 2018
Format: HD
Genre: Biblical Epic
No. chapters: 60
Chapter runtime: 60 minutes
Launch date: September TBD
Launch channel: TBD
Time slot: Primetime
Frequency: Monday through TBD

María Fernanda Yepes, Manolo Cardona, Andrés Parra, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Diana Lein, César Mora, Juan Sebastián Calero, Vicente Peña, Danielle Ciénegas,
Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Alejandro de Marino, Paquey Vasquez, Juan Manuel Lenis
Alejandro Buitrago, Luis Miguel González
A dramatic series with a high emotional weight which immediately captures the audience’s attention, due to a mix of love, danger, intrigue and faith, on top of the raw appeal of some scenes.

Maria Magdalena is an epic melodrama recreating the life of a passionate woman during oppressing times. A woman different from the rest, one who will challenge the laws of a corrupt society entirely run by men. As a witness of a world full of betrayal and vices, she will be forced to flee and try to forget her past.

On the eve of her death in the desert, she will meet Jesus, the man who will make her understand the meaning of true love, a pure and impossible love meant to revive her faith and wish to live. She will cease being a rejected woman and turn into the most important disciple of the Nazarene prophet.