TV Azteca

Episodes: 30Seasons: 2 / 15 chapters


Mía is a talented teenage of music that lives with her adoptive godmother, she gets ascholarship to study in the Saint Mary Academy, a recognized school due to its prestigious deparment of art.
Once Mia visits Saint Mary, she ́ll try to adapt to the school, but she must face Lupe, the owner ́s college daughter, who also is the most talented and popular studentof the famous workshop named Go!, Thus, with her new two friends, Mía will get place asone of the best Saint Mary ́s talents. In her pass by the new school, Mía will fall in love of Álvaro, one of the gifted players of the school ́s basketball team, who is Mia ́s brother too,and she will go trough roads with Juanma, who even though is the Lupe ́s boyfriend, he willsurprise of her great personality.