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Drowning City

PRODUCERS:Benjamin Salinas y Roberto González
DIRECTOR:Julián Antuñano yConrado Martínez
SCREENPLAY:Rodrigo Ordóñez,Genaro Quiroga,Marcelo Tobar,AlejandroGerber,Alonso Ruizpalacios,Alejandra Olvera,Javier Peñalosa,Genaro Quiroga,Larissa Andrade
GENRE:Thriller,PoliciacoyCiencia ficciónEPISODES:20

CAST:Juan Pablo Medina,Ana Serradilla,RodrigoMurray,Elizabeth CervantesEnriqueNoviFernando Becerril,PatriciaGarzaLuis Miguel LombanaJulia UrbiniHugoAlboresArleta Jeziorka,Cecilia Piñeiro,Germán Valdés III,Manuel Foyo,Wilebaldo Bucio,Alexander Holtmann.

Drowning City tells the story of Ulises, an investigator from an elite police agency that specializes in solving crimes of different nature and emergencies that put injeopardy the stability of the biggest city in the world.

When an investigation from a colossal accident in the subway takes place, Ulises is forced to go underground to sewage.

He discovers an old conspirancy that took place in the 70 ́s that made experiments on humans and which resulted in the creation of a segregated community.

This conspiracy was called “Project Miracle” and the survivors of the project had to go into hiding in the sewage after a witch-hunt brought the lives of many of them to an abrupt end. Without knowing, he will find himself in the middle of a war between two groups that wil not hesitate in putting the whole city in danger as the hostilities rise up.