Missing Bride

Title:Missing Bride
Writer: Sebastián Arrau
General producer: Joshua Mint
Production company: TV AZTECA
Year: 2016/2017 (to be confirmed)
Format: Telenovela
Genre: Mystery
No. chapters: 120
Chapter runtime: 42 minutes
Launchdate: 2017
Launchchannel: AZTECA TRECE
Time slot: Primetime 20:00
Frequency: Monday through Friday

TAGLINE: When you wake up one day to discover your mother wasn’t who you thought she was.

LOGLINE: The disappearance of a wife and mother opens a Pandora’s box in a family with secrets.

STORYLINE: Olivia Zamora disappears without a trace the day before her wedding. What in Itially appears to be an accident at sea soon points to murder. On investigating his mother’s disappearance, Francisco discovers things about her he never suspected.

Francisco Toro (23) ispopularat university and a hit with the girls. After graduating withhonors as an architect like his mother before him, he is looking forward to going to New York to study art,which has always beenhis real passion.

Finally, Franciscowill be able to cut the apron strings and live his own life. His future islooking bright, but his life is turned upside down when his beloved, angelical-lookingmother, Olivia Zamora(40), disappears without a trace the day before her wedding.

Olivia has been separated from Francisco’s father, Antonio Toro (48),for years. Finally, after a decade living with Gastón Andrade (45), she has agreed to marry him. Friends and family have been invited to a small ceremony at the summer house built by Olivia on aremote beach near Mexico City, where the couple lives and works.

The night before the wedding, a storm breaks and the crashing of the waves appears topresage the tragedy that is about to occur. Day breaks and Olivia is gone, without a trace.

At first, everyone assumes she has gone for her habitual early morning swim, but Francisco is worried because the sea is rougher than usual. When it is obvious somethinghas happened to her, Gastón calls the police, but is told aperson can only be reported missing after 24 hours have passed. They have no choice but to call off the wedding.

Francisco cancels his trip to New York and goes crazy looking for his mother. He calls all her friends, knocks on neighbors’ doors, shouts her name and spends his days scouring the ocean bed in his diving gear, like he did as a boy. Francisco is afraid his mother has drowned, while Gastón assumes she got cold feet and didn’t want to face the music. Both are devastated at their loss.

Pedro Fernández (45),a handsome and experienced retired cop, seems to be the best person to get to bottom of the mystery, with the help of his daughterMarcela (18), who is training to be a detective and who will fall hopelessly in love withFrancisco.

Franciscois determined to hold out hope until a body turns up and decides his NewYork scholarship can wait, but as the months pass, more than one possible reason for his mother’s disappearance comes to light.

Bárbara Toro (17), Francisco’s sister, confesses that she and her stepfather Gastón were having an affair and that Olivia caught them kissing the night before in the kitchen.

It transpires thatOlivia’s ex-husband called her the night she went missing and arrange to meet her on the beach.

Olivia’s sister, Juana, has always secretly envied her and has been in love with Gastón for years. That fatal night, her little nephew Marco went to her room, but her bed was empty.

A witness sawOlivia’s colleague, Pepe Villela (48),talking to her that night and he quicklyjoins the list of suspects when Francisco, who will shortly be working under Villela at his mother’s firm, finds out he arrived the day before the wedding and was later joined by his mousy wife Berta Salas (43), who claims Olivia and her husband were having an affair.

Suspicions of murder gradually give way to a story of intrigue and secret passions, and Francisco is forced to admit that his mother was not the woman he knew and loved.