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Nada Personal (Nothing Personal)

Title: Nada Personal (Nothing Personal)
Writer: Alberto Barrera.
Executive producer: Fides Velasco
Production company: TV AZTECA
Year: 2016 / 2017
Format: HD
Genre: Television melodrama series
No. chapters: 80
Chapter runtime: 42 minutes
Launch date: 1Q 2017
Launch channel: AZTECA TRECE
Time slot: Primetime 21:00
Frequency: Monday through Friday

TAGLINE: It’s nothing personal. If you want to survive, you have to kill.

LOGLINE: Action, political suspense and romantic tension all rolled into one.

Mariana Aragón witnesses the murder of two young journalists and becomes embroiled with a criminal organization that uses her as a scapegoat and turns her into an addict. In a battle for her life, she finds herself forced to take on the powers that be.

Two young journalists have unearthed classified information confirming that Mexico’s Attorney General, Raúl Rey, and the Commissioner of the US Special Task Force on Organized Crime, Ronald Topp, are involved in money laundering. There are photos of them with known drug lords and documents to suggest they have financed their respective political campaigns with drug money.

The journalists are at the apartment of one of their girlfriends when a task force barges in and murders them along with the girl. It is a spur-of-the-moment operation, executed effectively but not entirely efficiently. The men clean up after themselves but aren’t aware there is another girl living in the apartment—Mariana Aragón, who listens in silence from the shower as her friends are massacred.

When the men realize their mistake, they come after Mariana, who manages to escape. She runs down the street in fear for her life and stops a car. Behind the wheel is Alejandro Castillo, a young director and producer, who sees she is injured and drives her to hospital.

Meanwhile, the police have arrived at the scene of the crime. The case has been assigned to Commander Santiago Leal, a cop whose explosive character has resulted in more than one run-in with Internal Affairs. Also present at the crime scene is Attorney General Raúl Rey, the man behind the entire operation. Rey is in cahoots with Topp, his American counterpart, both of whom have connections with criminal organizations. Mariana Aragón is now their prime target, albeit for different reasons.

Alejandro and Santiago both have a personal and professional interest in the case, the former as a journalist and the latter as a cop. To complicate matters even further, they are both attracted to Mariana and share a special relationship with Rey: Alejandro is engaged to Rey’s daughter, Natalia, and Santiago is his biological son, although he doesn’t yet know it. Santiago’s mother was a prostitute, one of the many people in Rey’s double life, which, with the passing of time and the acquisition of more and more power, has led him to traffic not just drugs, but people.

This is the seedy world into which Mariana Aragón finds herself plunged. At first, she is confused and in denial. And when Rey and Topp set her up as the perpetrator of the massacre, she is completely defenseless. Rey plants drugs on her and bribes false witnesses and prosecutors, finally managing to get her locked up. In prison, she is administered drugs by force, turning her into a real addict. So begins Mariana journey from innocence to depravity.

The series relates Mariana’s epic battle to get out of prison, get clean and pick up her life where she left off. But this won’t be possible until she finds out exactly what happened and brings the people who put her behind bars to justice. She will go to whatever lengths it takes and, with the help of Alejandro and Santiago, will get to the bottom of it all. Each tries to help her in his own way, one as a journalist, the other as a cop, and both will fall in love with her in the process. But none of them have a clue the enemy is so close to home. Mariana’s physical attractiveness hasn’t escaped the attention of Raúl Rey either, but for him she is a matter of national security, a political problem, Nothing Personal.