The Clinic

Productor: Gustavo LozaDirector: Javier Solar
Casa Productora: Teco TV
Año Producción: 2012
Formato: HD
Género: Comedia
Capítulos: 120 x 50
Fecha de lanzamiento: TBD
Canal de estreno: TBD
Franja Horaria: Prime Time
Periodicidad: TBD

Cast: José María de TaviraValerie DominguezKarla SouzaJulio BrachoMaría Fernanda GarcíaLuis Gerardo MéndezCatalina López Danny PereaDarío T. PieEugenio BartilottiTAGLINE:“Those who love you, will never let you go.”

The Clinic is a psychiatric hospital, where this deranged TV series develops. Here works apsychiatrist who is on the verge of madness for the love of a beautiful nurse who does not pay attention to him, because she seems to be in love with an patient who is crazy, but he says he is saner than everyone and detests a sick patient who is depressed because his team went down to the Second Division of soccer.