“In each program a line of contestants compete individually to win important prizes. Each competitor proves his skill and his luck in a varied and fun series of games. The winners receive important prizes at the moment; while the losers leave their place to the players who follow him in line. An agile and fun show! TE TOCA VOS takes 40 minutes, during which 5 games of 8 minutes of competition each are developed.
Approximately 30 people participate in each challenge.
The games can be of physical dexterity or talent.
When a participant manages to meet the test and wins the prize, the game continues. The following participants may continue competing for the same challenge and a new prize until the end of the game or the prizes offered. In case of not being a winner, once the corresponding time has finished, the show will continue with a new game and its respective prize. In each game the participant has only one chance to achieve the objective ""Only one Shot"" to access the prize.”