Lleva a su perrita a la guardería y se la entregan muerta como paquete
14 abril 2020 19:04hrs
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Lleva a su perrita a la guardería y se la entregan muerta en un paquete

La dueña denunció el acto a través de sus redes sociales.

Nova era una perrita husky y el animal de compañía de Kirsten Kinch, quien contó a través de sus redes sociales cómo terminó muerta luego de llevarla a una guardería para perros.

Durante tres días Nova quedó bajo el cuidado del negocio conocido como P&E Boarding Kennels en Dublín.

“Di instrucciones múltiples escritas y verbales sobre cómo se le debían administrar los esteroides separados de su comida, y que necesitaba recibirlos dos veces al día”, contó.

“Nos dijeron que Nova había muerto. La habían encontrado en la mañana llena de sangre en su jaula. Nos quedamos impactados”, agregó.

Nova padecía de gastritis por lo que la dueña indicó al personal del lugar que se le diera el medicamento.

En Change.org ya circula una petición para cerrar el negocio.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram On the 27th of December 2018 I brought my husky Nova to P&E boarding kennels to be boarded for 3 days while my family went to Iceland. Nova had an ongoing issue with Colitis and this was being managed with steroids for the last few months successfully, she had been checked by my vet prior to boarding and we had discussed taking her off the steroids as she was responding so well. I gave multiple written and verbal instructions on how the steroid was to be given separately to her food and that she needs to get this twice a day, P&E also advertise that they cater for medication and dogs that need extra care once they are informed in advance. On the 31st of December I went straight from the airport to P&E to collect Nova. I rang 4 times waiting outside to pick her up. Clive answered and told me to come around to the gate when I told him I was here for Nova. Once in, we were told Nova had died - they had found her that morning bloodied in her kennel. We where shocked and beyond devastated at this as we had left a healthy dog in 3 days earlier. I asked the kennels immediately if she had received her medication and I was told she had. They had crushed Nova into what I can only describe as a ball wrapped in a black bag, covered in masking tape. There was no care or empathy in the way she had been handled. It was utterly traumatic and heartbreaking to leave with her like that. We drove straight to the vet and she was horrified, and couldn’t believe there was a 25kg husky crammed in this ball. We confirmed via microchip that it was Nova and made the decision to send Nova for a postmortem in UCD due to the circumstances. I emailed and messaged P&E asking for more information on how she had seemed when she was with them etc. and I still have not received any kind of contact back. Nova was a once in a lifetime kind of dog for me and my family and has left a hole that will always be impossible to fill, she is loved and missed every single day and I hope writing this can stop a similar situation in the future. Clearly these kennels are not fit to provide the levels of care they advertise. #justicefornova Una publicación compartida por Kirsten Kinch (@kirstenkinch) el 24 de Abr de 2019 a las 1:05 PDT

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