“Alivio y dolor” por muerte de elefanta Tikiri; era maltratada y padecía desnutrición
25 septiembre, 2019
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“Alivio y dolor” por muerte de elefanta Tikiri; era maltratada y padecía desnutrición

Fue obligada, junto con otros 60 elefantes, a desfilar sin descanso durante 10 días en el festival budista Esala Perahera de Sri Lanka.

Con profundo “alivio y dolor” la ONG Save Elephant Foundation (SEF) anunció la muerte de la elefanta Tikiri, luego de sumos esfuerzos para mantenerla con vida a causa de su desnutición e historia de maltrato.

Las crudas fotografías mostradas en su cuenta de Facebook fueron compartidas junto con un mensaje: “El hecho de que no podamos ayudarla antes de que sus ojos se cierren para siempre fomenta un coraje renovado y tiene la responsabilidad de que encontremos refugios seguros para todos los gigantes cautivos nacidos bajo el yugo del hombre. Lo que deseamos para Tikiri, incluso unos días de libertad con amor y cuidado, lo exigiremos a los demás”.

Las imágenes revelaron que Tikiri era obligada en Sri Lanka a desfilar sin descanso pese a sus condiciones de salud. Junto a ella otros elefantes caminaron por 10 días sin descanso en el festival budista Esala Perahera y un disfraz fue lo que cubrió siempre su dolor.

“Su propio miedo, ira y tristeza ahora es parte de ese recuerdo más largo de su clase que no debería tener afecto. El sufrimiento de Tikiri ha terminado, su alma ahora está libre. No más daño puede venir a ella”, expresó la ONG.

“El sufrimiento de Tikiri ha terminado, su alma ahora está libre. No puede hacerle más daño”, publicó en Instagram el fundador de SEF, Lek Chailert.

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Tikiiri is not the only one who has become the victim of abuse in the name of the Holy Spectacle. Every year almost a hundred elephants are transported to the temple and forced to walk in the parade. Every day, after their tiring nighttime walk, they are chained and disturbed by many tourists. They have virtually no time to even get a short nap. In the late afternoon after they are bathed, they are dressed and readied to walk again. Even the processional costumes takes so long to adorn, amid threats and intimidation, in the heat and the noise, their lives are not their own. This is the life behind the scenes during the ten days and ten nights of their religious performance. During the long night street walk, their legs are shackled. They shuffle along through the smoke and dark, to the cadence of drums and chains jangling, eyes filled with the light from their adornments, ears never to be satisfied with the noise of the forest. Beside every elephant is a man with a spear - it is not merely ceremonial. Every elephant has felt the piercing point, understands the significance. So they pass through the gauntlet of the prayerful and devout, and the many other onlookers just out for the show. The smoke and the light irritates their eyes. They squint tremulously, tears roll down their face. They yawn continuously for lack of rest. No one sees their painful expressions. People come from all around the world to celebrate the occasion. Everyone is overwhelmed by the sights and the the sounds and the play of historical drama. Most fail to see the reality in front of them. It is tragic when religious expression supercedes the original teaching. The elephant suffers. How can a ceremony grant merit and blessing when the way of love, kindness, and compassion is not present? We ought to follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha, not to bring other lives to suffer for personal perceived benefit. This short film is a clear voice for the elephant who is sacrificed for belief. No time for us to pray for the Elephant. Action only way to help to protect them from abuse.

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Tikiri Update: This is the latest picture of Tikiri after she was returned back to her owner. I would like to thank all media and people around the world who helped to focus attention on her, and to bring her voice onto the stage, raising awareness about her life and condition, and that of all other captive elephants who follow after her aged steps. How is Tikiri now ? Is she truly cared for well ? She is sick. She is old. She is weak. Why is she still tied both legs front and back ? Surely she deserves better. Is it fear of her from a lifetime of abuse ? Is there no emotional reciprocity, having spent a lifetime with her ? The bond between mahout and elephant is vigorously defended. The bond is clear. I see the bonds. If you love animals, truly, open your eyes, your mind, your heart, to their suffering. Do not let self importance blind you from the truth ! I posted Tikiri's story because I want her voice to be known, and too many others who suffer with her. I have visited Perahera many times to record, research, and witness the fact that it is not getting better. I have enough information to speak clearly. It is time to speak plainly, to end the cruelty. Pictures speak more loudly than my voice to those with open hearts. The world will know the truth one day. May we not rue that day, but stand in welcome memory that we stood in the Gap for them - that the elephant survived our current holocaust on the planet because of even a vigilant few with no compromise. Tikiri is not the only one that needs our help. There are still so many elephants whose voice is silenced by oppression. They need our voice. I ask all friends, the true advocates for animals, do not give up your voice for them. Do not let the group of 'animal people' who work for their own benefit, ruin your will. Carry on your work for the animal. One moment of time is about being Present, living consciously and with compassion, until we see their true protection and their lives restored to safety and freedom. #tikiri #bekindtoanimals #bekindtoelephants #elephant #elephantnaturepark

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